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Butterfly Haircut – How To Get That 70s Waves?

Butterfly Haircut – How To Get That 70s Waves?

Don’t have any hairstyle ideas and feel bored with your regular long hair? Get yourself the most fashionable butterfly haircut!

Butterfly haircut is another trend originating from the past decades. It is a combination of “shaggy hair” and Rachel-style layering from “Friends”, which gives hair the ultimate volume – a mix of the 70s and 90s. It started its popularity nowhere else but on social media, mainly on TikTok and Instagram.

The hairstyle is dedicated to owners of long hair with low and medium porosity. Unfortunately, the butterfly effect cannot be achieved on naturally curly hair – only with blow dry or a straightener. The multitude of layers is characteristic of butterfly hair. They add lightness and volume to the hair, making the whole look bouncy. The waves, styled outwards, create the effect of butterfly wings. The facial features are clearly emphasized, and shorter layers at the front (curtain bangs) frame the face. Check out the hashtag #butterflyhair to see hundreds of posts, photos, and tutorials on how to achieve this currently popular hairstyle.

Butterfly haircut – what does the hairstyle look like and how to create it?

It’s all about the many layers divided into sections that give the butterfly haircut such spectacular volume. The strands are longer at the bottom and shorter near the face. The cascading cut makes the whole look lighter and lifted from the roots, forming the characteristic layered waves.

However, the cut is not everything. Styling is equally important. The ends styled outwards and the impressive volume at the roots add charm to this hairstyle. You can achieve this effect by styling your hair with a round brush, wide rollers, thermo-rollers, a blow dryer with a curler, or a curling iron. Volumizing hair products (mousses, sprays, mists) can also come in handy. The strands remain soft and flexible yet the whole hairstyle can maintain its lightness.

It’s important to protect the hair from heat to keep them in the best condition for longer. Use heat-protecting sprays and silica-based serum for the ends, which will not only protect the strands but also make them easier to style.

Butterfly haircut – who is it for?
The 70s-style cut looks amazing on long hair with highlights that add a 3D effect. The butterfly haircut allows low- and medium-coarse hair to gain an interesting texture, adding lightness and bounce. The hairstyle works well not only for a big night out but also for everyday use. It is easy to create if you are good with using a curling iron or hair rollers. The long, chin-length fringe visually slims the face and emphasizes its features.

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