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The ‘bleached brows’ trend. How to get them without bleach?

The ‘bleached brows’ trend. How to get them without bleach?
The ‘bleached brows’ trend. How to get them without bleach?

Everything started with a Versace fashion show where models – including the famous Hadid sisters – appeared on the catwalk with light eyebrows and rocked the fashion world.

Then, during Met Gala – Kendal Jenner presented herself with a Prada black dress and very fair eyebrow arches which, because of makeup, looked as if they were bleached. More and more celebrities and influencers started to post themselves ‘with no brows’ on social media. Want to get ‘bleached brows’ just like the Kardashians, Lizzo, Julia Fox or the Hadid sisters? We come to the rescue!

How to create ‘bleached brows’ at home?

If you want to avoid using bleach but dream of ‘bleached brows’, there is a solution (we’re not talking about a TikTok filter right now). You need a powerful brow soap, a spoolie, concealer, transparent powder (it’s best to go for loose powder), a beauty blender sponge and a powder brush.

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#step 1

Comb your hairs upwards using a clean spoolie (or a brush). Wet the spoolie and apply a small amount of styling brow soap. Brush it through your hairs so they stick to your skin and shape your eyebrows in the desired way.

#step 2

Before the product dries and sets the created shape, grab a concealer (1 or 2 tones lighter than your foundation) and apply it to the entire length of your eyebrows. Let the soap and concealer dry fully.

#step 3

Take a slightly wet beauty blender, get some loose powder and use it on your brows – don’t worry if you went over the line. The excess product can be easily removed with a powder brush without affecting the rest of your makeup. The powder will additionally mattify and lock in place the whole look in the style of ‘bleached brows’.

Voilà! Your ‘bleached brows’ are done – without the unnecessary bleaching.

tip 1: do your brow makeup before applying foundation – you can easily fix any errors without removing it.

tip 2: did ‘bleached brows’ appeal to you and you want to bleach them permanently? Don’t do it on your own at home! Visit a specialist (a hairdresser, beautician, brow stylist) and you’ll avoid irritation and burnt hairs.

Do you think the ‘bleached brows’ trend will stay for longer?

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