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Eyelash perm. How to get it done the right way?

Eyelash perm is a cosmetics procedure that focuses on lifting up eyelashes. What is the procedure like and how to get it done the right way? What are the contraindications to undergoing it and possible side effects?

What is eyelash perm about?

Eyelash perm and hair perm share the same aim – to curl hair. This beauty treatment can be carried out no matter if the lashes are long or not. Obviously, the longer eyelashes, the most satisfying the effect is. Eyelash perm holds for approximately 2 months and it doesn’t exclude the wearer from applying henna that additionally boosts the final effect.

What’s important, eyelash perm procedure shouldn’t be carried out at home because this treatment requires having close eyes.

Step by step: Eyelash perm

The beauty treatment lasts approximately an hour.

Before visiting the beauty parlour

You shouldn’t wear any make-up and you must remove contact lenses if you wear them. It’s important because if in contact with perm, they can irritate eyes and cause stinging sensation throughout the procedure. Besides the possible smarting, the cosmetics procedure itself is in most cases painless.

Getting ready for the procedure

When you are finally in an office, a technician will prepare eyelashes which means that she will degrease them using either physiological saline or castor oil, and run a special comb through them to separate the falsies. Then, she will reach for a special roll that is used to lift lashes up. Depending on how long the natural eyelashes are, she can select one out of three basic sizes of the rolls: S rolls are used to curl short lashes, M rolls are used to lift up medium-length lashes, and L rolls are applied to long lashes.

Applying rolls to eyelashes

Next, the selected roll is put on the eyelashes. To make eye ready for this step, the eyelashes must be dampen with a special preparation. The technician adjusts the shape of the roll so as to match it to the eye shape. The eyelashes are pressed to the roll with the aid of a small wooden stick. During this procedure, eyes must be closed.

Gel application

During the procedure eyelashes are treated with two types of gels. One gel changes the structure of eyelashes and opens the cuticles. It must be left on eyelashes for 10 minutes. The other gel is a fixer that closes the cuticles and enhances the curl. This preparation should sit 10 minutes as well. The technician dries the wooden stick after applying both preparations. Thanks to this, eye is protected from being irritated by any of the substances used for the procedure.

Roll removal

The last stage of eyelash perm depends on removing the roll through delicate pulling the eyelid and rolling the item upwards.

Eyelash perm – Contraindications

As mentioned above, eyelash perm procedure mustn’t be carried out with inserted contact lenses. Other contraindications include: recent surgery of eye skin area, sty, inflammations and allergies.

Eyelash perm – Side effects

Just like hair perm affects the condition of strands, eyelash perm affects the lashes alike, which means that eyelashes might become brittle and dehydrated. Moreover, some women who underwent the beauty treatment complain about their eyelashes being bent, not lifted up. In some cases the lashes are unevenly curled. The effect of improperly performed procedure are lashes that are curled only at the tips.

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