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How to take care of eyes? Eyes and skin care

Long nights, hours spent in front of a computer screen, drinking to little water, lack of sun protection, and all other beauty mistakes – it all takes its toll on the eyes and the skin around them. How should you take care of skin in this area of the face? What type of anti-aging cream and other cosmetics should you choose for under-eye skin? How to perform correct make-up removal and make-up for sensitive eyes?

Under-eye anti-aging cream

Why even the best face cream cannot be used as an under-eye cream? It’s simple because cream for the skin around eyes has a very light-weight texture. Thanks to it, the cream spreads easily and absorbs fast and during the application skin is less subjected to pulling and stretching. What is more, cosmetics for face and skin around eyes differ in composition. Creams for the under-eyes area are devoid of potentially allergy-triggering substances while containing vitamins and plant-based extracts that ensure skin with long-lasting moisturizing, stimulating collagen production, flatten minor wrinkles, and calm skin irritation.

To get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, you should use cosmetics with wheat germs proteins (improve skin suppleness), vitamin C (stimulates collagen production), nucleic acids or pseudobotulin (reduce muscle contractility, which causes laughter lines, or relax them and, as a result, reduce the furrows). When it comes to dark circles under the eyes and puffiness, the best choice is to choose a cream with vitamins C and K, caffeine or herbal extracts such as cornflower, arnica, or chestnut (improves microcirculation and elasticity of blood vessels, prevents swelling and brightens hyperpigmentations). What matters is to use the cream on a regular basis and do not get discouraged by the lack of immediate effects (those should appear after a few weeks).

Other under-eye cosmetics

To instantly improve skin’s condition and make your skin around eyes glowing, you should try a special collagen eye mask, for example, with algae, caviar extract, ginkgo, or cucumber. This treatment provides spectacular effects, though not very long-lasting; those hold for a few hours so it is better to use it when you need it, e.g. before a night out. Collagen eye mask, depending on the active ingredients:

  • deeply moisturizes and speeds up the removal of toxins,
  • tightens the skin and flattens wrinkles,
  • brightens the dark circles around eyes,
  • eliminates puffiness.

Correct eye make-up removal 

Eye make-up removal is the most important beauty treatment for a woman who wears make-up. Why? Because when you are asleep the residues os cosmetics can irritate the conjunctiva and the skin around the eys. In order to cleanse it properly, you should use products recommended for this purpose, best are make-up removing liquid or micellar liquid which remove also waterproof make-up.

Make-up for sensitive eyes

In order to make eyes stand out more, use some eyeshadow or a pencil. You should consider to first use some eyeshadow base. Thanks to it the eyeshadows are spread evenly and won’t gather in the crease. Then move to mascara application. To make eyelashes longer and denser you should consider the use of eyelash conditioner. Some of the cosmetics of this type can be used overnight – after evening make-up removal, others are for use during the day – under the mascara.

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