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Mascara and eyeliner in one!!!

I don’t know how did it happen but I couldn’t squeeze anything more into my beauty bag! There was too much staff in it and I decided to do a massive clear out. I had many products that I was no longer using but I had this emotional attachment to them. A week ago, I finally gave them away to my sister-in-law, so I can make some room to my new ‘Liner Effect Mascara’. I saw it at the counter at a fairly good price and I was caught up by the fact that it is 2 in1 product. Combining mascara and eyeliner was intriguing and irrational at the same time, so I decided to check it for myself.

Bourjois says that this innovative mascara coats your lashes giving them extra definition at their roots, which creates an illusion of the line on your lash line. I do normally wear winged eye but I thought that I could create it with one product. How silly was I 😉

The mascara comes in a classic black tube and has a small brush. I found it quite difficult to wiggle the wand on my upper lashes, but on the other hand it coated my bottom eyelashes nicely. The consistency of the mascara is creamy and it glides effortlessly on lashes. There were no clumps on the first coat and made my lashes long and thick. I am a big fan of the cat eye make-up and I was quite disappointed with the ‘liner’ effect. This wand applied the mascara well at the base of lashes giving them full coverage from root to tip but it created only a slight liner illusion. Expecting a WOW effect is not what you are going to get with ‘Liner Effect Mascara’.

I was wearing it for the whole day and it did not flake of, nor smudged. Even with two coats, my lashes weren’t rock dry and they felt weightless. Although I have a water based version, I still had a problem removing it with my make-up micellar water.

I have mixed feelings towards this mascara. It extends my lashes dramatically, the colour payoff is good, but I haven’t noticed much of the liner effect in it. I’ve got it at the reduced price but I would not repurchase it. Let me know if you have used this mascara and if you liked it or not.

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