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Perfect makeup in a few steps. What are the most common mistakes in makeup?

The jealous looks of women are a common thing when a celebrity with an impeccable makeup appears on the screen. It seems to be due to the hard work of makeup artists, and creating the perfect look at home is almost impossible. You couldn’t be more wrong. 

All makeup artists who were asked about the most common mistakes in makeup, agree that all of them result from non-compliance with any rules of this art. Women still have too little knowledge about how to apply makeup. We make the same mistakes, and as a result, we end up with too dark foundation on the face, too bold eyebrows or overlined lips. What should we pay attention to do not to make the same mistakes?

STEP 1. The selection of a foundation

The most important thing is matching the foundation to the natural skin colour. Thanks to this cosmetic, we can rejuvenate the face, we unify its colour and give it smoothness. However, a badly matched shade of the foundation will cause something completely opposite. It can make us look older than we are and make the flaws more visible. The most common mistake? We choose the foundation at random or check its color on the wrist, which, after all, is far from the face. Before buying the cosmetics, you should check the colour in a natural lighting. The ideal option is to take samples home and test them directly on the face or on our neck.

STEP 2. Eyelash care 

Eyelashes are just as important as a smooth and young-looking skin. If they are short and thin, no makeup will look good and it will be difficult to apply false lashes as well. Even the best mascara cannot cope with eyelashes that fall out excessively and are weakened. Before we think about the makeup principles at all, let’s devote a little time to eyelash care. Eyelash serums that have been composed with the utmost care are the best solution. They accelerate eyelash growth, strengthen, increase elasticity and make them more resistant to damage. Thanks to the serum, eyelashes become extremely dense, so it is easier to apply mascara and they define the entire look better.

STEP 3. Makeup cosmetics

In addition to the mistake of not applying an eyelash serum, there are also mistakes in the choice of makeup cosmetics. What happens most often? We do not respect the products’ expiry dates. Out-of-date cosmetics lose their properties over time – the foundation darkens, the mascara crumbles and sticks lashes together, the lipstick dries up, etc. The second issue is the mismatch of cosmetics colours to your complexion, eye colour, hair, etc. We can have one of four types of beauty (spring, summer, autumn, winter) that benefit from colours of different palettes. It’s good to match the color to yourself, instead of mindlessly reaching for the most popular blushes, bronzers, etc. Using the right shades is the easiest way to enhance your beauty.

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