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Longer lashes with a serum – is it possible?

Each of you has probably already heard about an eyelash serum – a cosmetic that conquers the hearts of many women. It is significant that the eyelash serum becomes almost as iconic as the mascara – it is mentioned right after it, as one of the most essential beautifying cosmetics. The effects of a good eyelash serum cannot be compared to anything else: just a little patience, regularity, and your eyelashes will grow at a tremendous pace. How is that possible? Just read today’s post!

Many of you might be wondering how is it possible that such an inconspicuous, colourless, fragrance and scentless substance brings such spectacular effects. What happens when we start applying eyelash serum?

It will be best if I explain it by describing the three phases of lash growth cycle:

  1. ANAGEN – is the most important phase for all eyelash lovers. This is the phase of active eyelash growth. Our little hairs are then embedded in the follicles, and thus they derive all the nutrients necessary for their growth and nice appearance. This period usually lasts 30-45 days, however, eyelash serum makes it last longer. The cosmetic is able to extend the eyelash growth cycle to a maximum: the longer the small hairs are connected to our body, the more likely they are to be nourished, strengthened and lengthened. An effective eyelash serum also compensates for the growth cycle of all hairs – the longer the anagen, the more eyelashes increase simultaneously.
  2. CATAGEN – this is the “deadly” phase, or in other words, the process of dying eyelashes. I do not think any woman likes this moment. The bulbs shrink, and the connection between the eyelash with our body disappears. The eyelash is no longer rooted and finally falls out.
  3. TELOGEN – this is the resting phase of eyelashes. The hair follicle is empty and gathers forces to produce new hairs – it can take up to 100 days.

A good eyelash serum harmonizes with the growth and anatomy of our eyelashes. Thanks to it, they have more time to grow, nourish themselves and strengthen.

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