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The best brow serum is like a holy grail for anyone who wants to care for their brows properly, restore their beautiful look, and promote their growth. Which serum should you choose to grow your eyebrows quickly and enjoy your flawless arches, perfectly matched to your features? Our beauty ranking may prove helpful as we have rounded up and reviewed the most popular brow serums on the beauty market. Find out which brow serums made it to the ranking and which one was rated the highest!

eyebrow serum ranking

How to care for your eyebrows?

Bold, neat, and shapely eyebrows are the dream of many women. Did you know almost 80% of women are not happy with the look of their eyebrows? The most common problem is their shape. Overplucking may result in thin and sparse brows with a shape out of proportion to your features. Many people also have trouble re-growing their eyebrows after unsuccessful plucking, because the hairs simply refuse to grow back.
If you want to improve the look of your eyebrows and grow them quickly, reach for a brow serum. A good brow serum can not only make your brows thicker but also nourish them from root to tip. Not sure which brow serum to choose? Our ranking will help you decide. A good serum can make your eyebrows luscious, polished, and beautiful. In addition, you should use good quality makeup products every day and use mild micellar makeup removers which nourish the brows at the same time.

How did we create our ranking?

We checked the reviews, effects, performance, price, efficiency, and how fast they work. We considered all the factors. Therefore, if you’re interested in the best brow serum, you’re sure to find one for yourself here!


Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

best eyebrow growth serum

RATING 9.5 /10

Meet the winner of our ranking! We are happy to inform you this is one of the best brow serums on the beauty market! Nanobrow is a highly recommended eyebrow serum that comes at an affordable price for such high quality and a perfectly composed formula. Most importantly, this brow serum works quickly and comprehensively and can help you grow your dream brows. It thickens, nourishes, and completely beautifies your eyebrows, as well as provides excellent regeneration for severely weak brows. Spectacular eyebrows in 30 days? It’s possible thanks to the Nanobrow serum.

Where to buy the Nanobrow brow serum?

The serum is available online from the brand’s official website, various marketplace platforms, renowned drugstores, beauty salons, and local distributors.



Popular around the world, this good brow serum comes with a tiny spoolie instead of a sponge applicator. It is distinguished by its formula, especially the patented Hexatein™2 complex, which is a significant blend of six nourishing ingredients, including keratin, sweet almond extract, and polypeptides. The RapidBrow eyebrow serum can improve the look of thin, uneven, and neglected-looking eyebrows.

Where to buy the RapidBrow serum?

The RapidBrow brow serum is available in-store and online. 

RevitaBrow Advanced


This is a pretty decent eyebrow serum that’s popular due to the fact it has been on the market for many years and has managed to gain significant recognition. Our ranking of the best eyebrow serums wouldn’t be complete without it! A big plus for uniqueness: the RevitaBrow serum contains a biopeptide complex, which regenerates and protects eyebrows from damage. In addition, the formula contains ginseng and Japanese swertia, which protect and revitalize eyebrows thanks to the content of antioxidants.
The precious amino acids and vitamin B are great for strengthening and nourishing eyebrows. The downside is slower action and a high price.

Where to buy the RevitaBrow brow serum?

The RevitaBrow brow serum is available in-store and online. It is worth comparing prices and choosing the most affordable option, as unfortunately, it is not a cheap eyebrow serum. Its price may be an unpleasant surprise…



We have chosen this brow serum to be a part of the ranking as it features unique formula and is pretty popular. While it’s not the most recommended eyebrow serum, it’s certainly listed as one that can nourish and improve the condition of the brows. The formula contains beautifying panthenol and milk proteins, which are a source of precious amino acids that support hair regeneration. This brow serum does a better job of nourishing the brows than intensifying their growth. It is an excellent nourishing serum that can regenerate even severely damaged eyebrows and prevent them from falling out.

Where to buy the Xbrow eyebrow serum?

You can buy it on the brand’s website and in various drugstores. Although the price can vary considerably, no doubt it’s too high for such a slow-acting serum.

GrandeBrow eyebrow serum


This is certainly not a cheap brow serum. Does it have the power to promote their growth and condition them as it should? It contains many interesting ingredients such as precious arginine, aloe vera with moisturizing properties, and chamomile extract for soothing the skin. The serum is ideal for weak and dry eyebrows. Day after day it restores their condition and neat look. Its price could be lower, especially considering such a gentle action.

Where to buy the GrandeBrow eyebrow serum?

You can buy the product online and in-store.

Does a good brow serum have to be expensive?

Finally, let’s discuss one more issue. There is no doubt that brow serums are not cheap. Many people wonder whether a good brow serum should cost a lot. It’s all a matter of perspective. Many people believe that the best brow serum is worth any price. What matters is its effectiveness and fast action. Others believe that cheap eyebrow serums are not worth the expense at all as they work too slowly and you need to use up at least 3 bottles to see any results. Eventually, you end up paying the same or even more so it’s better to buy one truly effective serum. 

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