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Skin Care Tips

Skin care should be not a choice but a must. Learn how to take care of your skin so it can glow.

Nothing feels more refreshing than a splashing water to the face in the morning. Use gentle skin cleanser to remove oil and any residue. Distribute the product on your face, use silicone brush to massage and clean your skin. Avoid using any tools close your eye area. You may lose the control of it and the make-up remover may end up in your eye.
Do not use flannels because they can scratch and irritate skin. Facial sponges are so much gentler and they can absorb the excess moisture in seconds. Soothe the face with the tonner applying it gently tapping the cotton pad against your skin. The last step is the good moisturizer. Make sure that you use it especially on the dry part of your face. Do not forget about the neck area as well. The moisturizer should have the SPF – the higher the better. The sunrays can damage our skin, which may lead to premature wrinkles and spots. Regardless of the season always use the SPF and your future you will thank you for it. Repeat the whole process before you go to bed.

Pamper your skin with the mask of your choice. The clay masks are the best and they provide deep hydration. Your can choose from many types of masks suitable for different skin type. Cotton sheet masks can be helpful as well. It is important to exfoliate the skin to remove all dead cells and impurities to reveal the healthy skin underneath. Good scrub will minimalize the appearance of blackheads and will shrink pores. To keep skin in good condition use the face scrub at least once a week.

Drink enough pure water. Increasing the amount of liquid intake may dramatically improve your skin condition. Water flush out all of the toxins, and hydrates the skin from inside out. The less you drink the dryer and less elastic your skin can be.

Avoid eating dairy products. Milk, cheese, yoghurt have a high amount of animal hormones that interfere with our hormone balance causing breakouts and skin problems.

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