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The sweetest face care with GHASEL Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser


The sweetest face care with GHASEL Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser cosmetics feature the highest quality natural ingredients based on the unique, potent Maltese honey. Honey care is aimed solely at your needs. The unique Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser works for all ages regardless of skin type.

What does the Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser contain?

Malta is famous for producing the world’s sweetest honey, which is truly unique. An indispensable cosmetic for skin problems contains a rich vitamin complex, including A, E, D, C, B group vitamins and minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, silicon. It’s also a number of other skin care ingredients that have a beneficial effect on nourishing and deeply moisturizing the skin layers.

This honey body cosmetic will provide the best care and restore balance to your skin. Honey straight from Malta, plant extracts, vitamins and oils mean long-term hydration, strengthening the condition of the skin and improving its appearance. The refined formula means powerful energy and slowed aging processes. Achieve skin full of vitality and natural radiance!


GHASEL Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser – a skin care essential

If you want your skin care to bring spectacular results, opt for Maltese honey to restore firmness to your complexion. It’s maximum protection against external factors and soothing for irritated skin. Anti-aging properties will make you look beautiful and young for a long time as you will not be intimidated by oxidants lurking everywhere.

GHASEL’s Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser for day and night use guarantees a portion of perfect condition and energy for your tired, dull, flabby skin. Powerfully nourishing and moisturizing properties improve the skin quality and fight imperfections – all with unique, carefully selected ingredients without silicones, chemicals, GMOs or artificial dyes.

Created with every skin type in mind, the cosmetic contains a number of moisturizing and smoothing plant extracts, as well as caffeine, which stimulates the skin and supports blood vessel function. As a result, your face will be full of natural radiance and any signs of fatigue will disappear.

Extraordinary Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser

GHASEL Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types, including dry, sensitive, mature and vascular skin. Any skin that has lost precious moisture and needs restoration, elasticity and radiance will be thankful for a deluxe treatment like this. The cosmetic has a light texture, is quickly absorbed, does not leave a greasy layer and works perfectly as a base for makeup.

The unique face cream works well in daily care – morning and evening. Regular use will make the skin regain greater protective abilities. Powerful antioxidants, regenerating and toning plant extracts and vitamin E inhibit the appearance of inflammation, pimples and other imperfections. These ingredients smoothe wrinkles and prevent the appearance of the new ones.

Enrich your daily skin care with the unique GHASEL Maltese Honey Face Moisturiser and feel the Maltese natural power of honey! Learn more about the product:


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