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What Benefits of Korean Skin Products Can You Bargain for?

Korean skin care routine has been a thing for a long time. No wonder Asian beauty and skin products are ruling worldwide. Find out how Korean women remove their make-up and discover the most popular cosmetics such as Korean exfoliator, a moisturising sheet mask and regenerating snail slime facial cream, together with their benefits.

best-korean-face-skin-care-routine-products.jpgKorean Make-Up Removal Routine

Korean skin care comes in several stages. It is the same in the case of the make-up removal itself. Korean women use oils, cleansers and foams for removing make-up. An oil, e.g. rose oil, begins the Korean skin care ritual. The product is meant for dissolving make-up whereas a cleanser washes away the excess of oil and make-up residue. A foam, on the other hand, is used for massaging the face skin (you must avoid the eye area). During the treatment, deep skin pore-cleansing foam is formed. Because skin feels tight after the massage, get a facial toner to restore pH.

Korean make-up removal gives results after just four weeks of doing it regularly: the pores are less visible, the skin tone is evened out. When it comes to the foam, it quickly and effectively removes the make-up residue and it lasts very long.

Korean Skin Exfoliator – Benefits

Make-up removal is usually finished with a moisturiser application. Not in Asia, though. Koreans first use mild scrubs which exfoliate dead skin cells. Kiwi extract cream scrub is worth recommending. To remove the dead cells, you don’t need to rub it over – apply it avoiding the eyes, leave in for around 15 minutes, massage gently and rinse out with water. Similarly to many other Korean skin products, Korean exfoliators have whitening properties – that might be the reason for their flawless skin. AHA acids included in the scrub exfoliate skin whereas vitamin C upgrades the color.

Moisturising Sheet Mask – Benefits

After make-up removal and exfoliation, time for giving your skin a nourishing boost. Make use of a one-off moisturising sheet mask; it is made from cotton and soaked in nutrients. Masks should be used on the exfoliation days. Moisturising sheet mask is really comfy: you take it out of the package and press it to the face skin considering the holes for eyes and lips. The mask works for travelling because it takes little space and you don’t need to bring it back. Moisturising sheet mask boosts radiance. You must tailor it to your skin type.

Regenerating Snail Slime Facial Cream – Benefits

When you’re done with the mask, it’s a great idea to apply a repairing cream rich in snail slime. It is a versatile product which solves many problems at a time: brightens discolored skin, reduces fine lines, cleanses the skin by removing impurities, soothes irritations, eliminates pimples and comedones, regulates the secretion of sebum. Another benefit – it is long-lasting and very mild. The gentleness results from a high concentration of the snail slime – 92%. Considering strong regenerating properties of a cream, you should apply it before bedtime. As a result, skin is nourished, soft and smooth whereas the open pores, pimples and pigmentation spots are reduced.

Regenerating snail slime cream is regarded by Korean women as the first stage of moisturising the skin, at the same time working as a base for a nourishing or hydrating cream. Nevertheless, this cosmetic is so intensive that needs no other layers of creams. Instead, a separate eye cream seems to make more sense.

Why are Korean skin products growing in popularity?

The popularity of Asian beauty products can be explained by the common admiration for the flawlessly smooth face and even skin tone of Korean women. The thing to be remembered is that regular skin care should go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle – reducing the exposure to the sun, using high UV filters and eating a diet rich vegetables, fruit and fish.

Must-Have Korean Skin Care Products

In terms of skin care, feel free to follow the Korean women’s example. The things worth ‘borrowing’’ include:

  • deep make-up removal using oils and gels,
  • regular use of an exfoliator,
  • applying a snail slime cream before bedtime.

After a month of using Korean products, skin gets an even tone, it’s smooth and free of small pimples, open pores and pigmentation spots.

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