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What did lash extensions do to my lashes?

Every girl would love to have long lashes. Since I remember, I was a big sucker for make-up with the special focus on eyes. I was trying numerous eye shadows and mascaras. I probably had every mascara that was out. When a couple of years ago false lases become popular I was the one who would spend days on amazon trying to get them shipped from US to UK. When they become widely available in drugstores, I supplied myself with everything I could get. I absolutely love long lashes. My eye makeup was gaining an extra dimension when I had my falsies attached.

When I first read about the semi-permanent lash extensions, I thought that I found my Holy Grail. It was over two years ago when I went to the beauty salon for my first false lashes visit. I was in love with them the moment I saw myself in the mirror that day. Since that time, I have been wearing my lash extensions continuously. There was really no time when my lashes were bare. Last month I went to my sister-in-law who lives in one of the small island in Greece. I was supposed to stay there three weeks but I met somebody and I ended up being there another 2 weeks. I had really good time sunbathing and swimming in the sea. My skin become dry from the sun and I finished my regular face cream. We were not planning to go to the city so I borrowed Patricia’s one. I have not noticed but the cream contained some oils that made the extensions adhesive break down. My false lashes gradually started to fall off. Then there was another stuff going on and I forgot about my lashes altogether. When I went back to Brixton, I saw that my lashes are gone. I am not referring here to my mink extensions. My natural lashes were so sparse and short that I looked as if I had no lashes at all. I did not realize that my lashes were in such a bad condition. Recently I was getting mink lashes recommended by my beauty technician. Apparently, a few light mink lashes can be glued to one natural one. The effect was great but it also damaged my lashes very badly. I am going to give my lashes some time off so that they can rejuvenate with the help of a good lash serum. If you wear lash extensions for quite some time, I advise you to do the same.

I have a few basic tips of how to maintain your lash extensions that will significantly delay your next infill visit.
Do not wet your lashes for at least 3 days since you have your lash extensions done. That means no hair wash for 48hr and no hot bath until the lash extension adhesive is settled.
Avoid any oil based beauty products including makeup remover. As you probably know, any waterproof mascara or eye shadow like Maybelline Tattoo can be removed only with the cleanser that has oil in its formula. Thus, do not use waterproof products.
Wiggling your lashes with the mascara brush may damage the false lashes joints.
Do not touch your lashes if possible. Do not rub or pull your lashes.
Moisture is not good for the lash adhesive. Avoid humid places; carry the umbrella when it rains.

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