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4 Simple Steps to Create Luxury SPA at Home

We bet that peace, quiet and relaxation are on the top of everyone’s wish list. Sometimes the solution for good mood and relief is within our reach. It’s easier than you think: learn how to relax in your own bathroom. Create a wonderful spa to rest and enhance your good looks. You don’t need much. Check how to make a home spa session following 4 simple steps!

Home spa: find a moment & enjoy it

Home spa is an amazing way to finally rest and capture the moment which seems meaningless but turns out to be priceless and will fade quickly. Try to devote more time to relaxing after a busy day – more than a quick shower. Hot water and a lovely-smelling bubble bath? Candles, mood music, massage? It’s easier than you think!

You can find happiness in small things.

How to create a spa at home?

Step 1: Cleansing

You can combine washing the body with clearing the mind! Lock yourself in the bathroom and take a nice, warm bath. Choose a cleanser which is nice to use, for example, a cleansing oil which creates soft and fluffy lather as soon as you mix it with water. It’s great if you’ve got a cleanser which also smells lovely – aromatherapy is essential to relaxation. Make sure you’re surrounded by nice aromas during your home spa session.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Japanese oils, rice milk, sugar and fruits… It isn’t a recipe for a tasty dessert but a superb exfoliant! Did you know that a good body scrub should be mostly made from natural ingredients? Always choose mild products which have a nice aroma to get better skin and calm the senses. A good exfoliant will promote skin repair and ensure amazing smoothness.

Step 3: Pampering body butter

Have you ever had such a featherlight and fluffy body lotion that made you feel like rolling in it? There are some amazing and gentle creams and mousses that glide on the skin easily and leave a delicate moisturising coating which smells like heaven. Such a product will be a brilliant finishing step in your home spa – deeply nourishing and softening the skin.

Step 4: Scented candles

Lighting a candle is the step you can’t skip. Scented candles which are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients (e.g. soy) have subtle aromas which lift the mood and calm the senses. When you light such a candle for the first time, it should burn for around an hour – this way you make sure it will burn evenly the next time you use it. If you’ve got more time, try massage candles – they turn into warm oils which are wonderful for home spa and bring many benefits for the skin!

Never forget to rest & relax!

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