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Honey: Benefits for Hair, Skin, Nails + Recipes for DIY Beauty Products

Honey has many health benefits and everybody knows that. However, some of you don’t know that besides being tasy, it can be used for enhancing our good looks. Keep reading for the best honey-spiked beauty treatments that will keep your skin, hair and nails healthy and strong.

Natural and packed with nutrients, honey is a perfect ingredient all year round. It boosts our immunity and improves the condition of the body. We can make use of it during our daily beauty routine as well.

Honey for beauty uses

Honey has been used for beauty purposes for ages. Our great grandmas knew recipes for homemade beauty products with honey. Honey-based cosmetics aren’t just a passing fad. They’re inexpensive and highly effective.

Honey has limitless uses when it comes to beauty. It improves our hair, body, face skin and nails, and helps soothe chapped lips. It goes well with all types of skin and hair. The multipurposeness makes it a popular pick.

Nutrients in honey

Natural honey is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, vitamins B, folic acid, biotin, and other essential minerals for better condition of skin, hair and nails.

What’s more, honey is a natural humectant which deeply moisturises and nourishes, which makes it a wanted cosmetic ingredient. Why don’t you make use of its beneficial properties?

Beauty benefits of honey

Honey is a popular ingredient in face and body care products, creams, masks, lotions and many more. It can be used without limitation and goes with all skin types. It deeply hydrates, repairs and revives the skin so it gets healthier, prettier and glowing. Apart from nourishing, it clears the skin, effectively fighting acne and other skin gripes.

Honey in hair care

Honey isn’t used on hair alone. Using products rich in it is a better idea. We can go for ready products or DIY cosmetics. Putting a honey-based hair mask in hair around an hour before shampooing produces amazing effects – hair is deeply nourished and moisturised. Such a mask also benefits the scalp because it has antibacterial properties stopping scalp conditions such as dandruff or eczema.

Honey for nails

Not only skin and hair benefit from honey – nails do as well. Honey-infused nail conditioner is natural and effective. Honey leaves the nails smoother and glossier, plus strengthens them so they’re less prone to breakage.

DIY honey-based beauty products

Making honey-rich cosmetics is very easy. We’ve chosen a few recipes to make the task even easier.

Moisturising lip scrub

DIY honey lip scrub is a super easy way to get smoother, softer and deeply nourished lips. Mix two spoons of brown sugar with a spoon of natural honey, apply on the lips and massage them for a few minutes. Don’t rinse it just yet. Leave it on for around five minutes and then wash it off using warm water. Such a scrub increases blood flow, removes dead cells and promotes skin repair.

Honey hair mask

Are you trying to get rid of greasy hair or dandruff? Honey will handle the scalp problems. Mix three spoons of coconut oil with four spoons of honey. Apply such a mixture onto the scalp and hair lengths. Wrap a plastic wrap and warm towel around the head so the ingredients from honey can sink in more easily. Shampoo the hair after 20 minutes.

Honey & fruit face mask

Honey and fruit have antiaging effects and prevent loss of hydration. Bananas are packed with vitamin C and B6 and that’s why they improve the skin tone and add radiance. Mix half a banana and a spoon of honey (optionally, add an apricot) using a blender. Apply the smooth mask all over the face, skipping the eye and lip area. Wash the face using cold water after half an hour.

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