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Best Brow Soap – Product Ranking

Soap brows – are you already familiar with this trend? It turns out that this brow styling technique is still in. Perfectly brushed-up brows are something trendsetters are aiming for these days. Soap brows rock the whole world! We must admit that this method makes brows look beautiful and elegant. Which brow soap to choose? You no longer need to test every product available at your beauty store yourself! Check out the following ranking of the best brow soaps and choose the best one for yourself!

Best Brow Soap - Product Ranking

Why do you need brow soap?

What makes it so fashionable to style eyebrows with soap? Isn’t just a regular brow gel enough? It turns out that styling brows with soap delivers very different effects than the ones brow gel provides. A good brow soap not only shapes the brows but also gives them a brushed-up look and ensures they stay in place which is why the effects look a little different than following styling the brows with gel. The brows are brushed-up and kept in place with maximum precision. They are as if glued to the skin, which looks really polished, phenomenal, and elegant. You simply must experience this effect on your brows!

Styling brows with regular soap – hit or miss?

Did you know that soap brows are a trend that has been known for many decades? It exists almost as long as Hollywood because it is the film studios where the trend originated. Back in the days of silent cinema, actresses would style their brows with regular glycerine soap to keep their brows perfectly shaped for hours on set. The method was innovative but had some flaws though. Ordinary glycerine soap flakes off, leaves an uncomfortable feeling and dries out the skin. Therefore, modern beauty brands started creating special soaps dedicated to eyebrows. Which brow soap is the best? Check out our ranking!

How much does a brow soap cost?

Of course, regular glycerine brow soap costs really little. The soaps created specifically for eyebrow styling come at a slightly higher price, but their top-quality formulas allow them to shape the brows better and set them for longer, improving your overall look. The following ranking of the best brow soaps proves that a good brow-styling soap does not have to be expensive at all!

Best brow soap – which one to choose for styling brows?

Is glycerine soap enough? Which brow-styling soap to choose? What is the most recommended brow soap? We recommend the ones created specifically for brow styling. You won’t wash your hands with them, but they allow you to create spectacular soap brows: fast and effortlessly! Our ranking includes the most recommended brow soaps. Check which are the most popular brow soaps with great reviews. Choose the best soap for your eyebrows. The ranking includes innovative soaps for the trendiest soap brows!

The best brow soaps – RANKING

Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap; the best brow soap

Size: 30 g

nanobrow eyebrow styling soap

The ranking of the best brow soaps starts with Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap. The reviews and quality confirm that this is one of the best brow soaps on the beauty market! You will love the perfect texture and unique formula. It’s a smooth and gel-like soap that doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy finish. It has a pleasant formula and a beautiful fragrance, and above all, delivers excellent results! The Nanobrow eyebrow soap is perfect for all brow types. It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are thick and unmanageable, or perhaps thin and not very defined: Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap can deal with them and create a stylish brow look! The refined formula and consistency that does not require water to work, turn eyebrow styling into a pleasure! This recommended brow soap is rated highly for the great effects it delivers. It comes in a large size and a great price for such excellent quality! Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap is the perfect soap for styling your eyebrows!

The Nanobrow brow soap – reviews

This recommended brow soap is highly praised in many aspects! The quality, performance, formula, price, fragrance, and the brow look it provides as well as the wearability are all top-notch here. The price of the Nanobrow soap is also attractive, so it is definitely worth trying!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax 

Size: 8 g

Are you familiar with Anastasia Soare, the founder of the famous Anastasia BH beauty brand? She is the one to whom the soap brow trend owes its renaissance! Not surprisingly, she has introduced a special brow soap into her offer, although it is probably more of a wax than a soap. It is certainly a unique product, but would you rate it as the best brow soap? It is certainly unique: the gel styles the brows while the waxy formula adds shine to your eyebrows and protects them from damage and humidity. You can be sure your soap brows can withstand even pouring rain. Unfortunately, not everyone likes such an intense, shiny, slightly greasy effect. In addition, the very high price considering the small capacity can scare off many soap brows amateurs.

The Anastasia BH brow soap – reviews

Undoubtedly, this is a renowned brow soap, as Anastasia Scoare herself is a legend in the beauty industry. Therefore, it is a popular and recommended brow soap.

3. Tood Turn It On Soap Brows – a good brow soap

Size: 57 g

Another product in our ranking of the best brow soap is a product with a large size. However, the size and performance did not make it the best eyebrow soap. Why? Because this soap, unfortunately, is not as innovative as the others. It’s an old-fashioned product with a formula that is outdated: the soap is hard and requires water to work, so the consistency can be different every time you apply it. The soap can flake on the skin, dry out, and leave clumps, and is generally not suitable for soap brows beginners.

The Tood Turn brow soap – reviews

It may have been very popular in the past, but today it is not as eagerly recommended brow soap. However, the packaging deserves a shoutout: it is recyclable, while the ink used for the print on the packaging is eco-friendly.

4. Ibra Makeup – brow-styling soap

Size: 20g

This may not be a top brow-styling product, but it deserves a mention in our ranking. The quality is quite decent, and the price of this eyebrow soap is affordable. Although this brow soap doesn’t require water to work, it doesn’t dry fast, but it clings well to the brows and is quite long-wear. It won’t surprise you with its size – it’s rather average. However, if you have a tight budget – perhaps this brow soap is for you. Remember, however, that the price must translate into performance and quality. Before using this brow soap, you should do a patch test as recommended by the manufacturer.

Ibra Makeup eyebrow soap – reviews

Opinions about this brow soap are divided. Although the price seems attractive, this brow soap comes in a small size and runs out quickly. Many girls choose it as their first brow soap, and although the reviews are not very enthusiastic, it is quite a popular brow soap.

5. West Barn Co. Brows Soap

Size: 25 g

One of the first commercially available soaps dedicated just to eyebrows also made it to the ranking of the best brow soaps. This was once a renowned and recommended brow soap, but today it’s a bit old-fashioned, especially since no other beauty brand recommends buying a special mist to activate their product. This is an expense that adds to the price of the soap, and today we all know that it is unnecessary, since there are brow soaps that do not need water to work at all.

The West Barn eyebrow soap – reviews

It lost popularity when brow soaps that do not need to be mixed with water began to appear on the beauty market. Today this eyebrow soap is no longer as recommended as it once was. It has also lost its popularity as it has to be sprayed with a special mist – an additional and unnecessary expense.

HOW TO DO SOAP BROWS – a step-by-step tutorial

I’m sure you’ll love the soap brow technique! The brushed-up brows look neat, polished, and really spectacular, resembling the effects of eyebrow lamination in a professional salon! In addition, if you use a good brow soap, the effects will last all day. Do you want to start your adventure with soap brows, but do not know how to style your brows with soap? We are here to explain! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make soap brows:

  • STEP 1. Prep your eyebrows

They must be clean, free of foundation, dry, and free of any oily residues.

  • STEP 2. Reach for the brow soap

Scoop it onto the spoolie and coat it evenly. We recommend using eyebrow soaps that don’t need water to work to ensure a malleable consistency. You just scoop some of the ready-to-use brow soap straight from the tin.

  • STEP 3. Brush through your brows with a spoolie

Starting from the bottom brow line and the inner brow edge, brush the brows in an upward motion, shaping your eyebrows. Remember they don’t have to be fully brushed up – they look best nice if their edges are smooth. It’s a good idea to press the spoolie quite firmly against the skin.

  • STEP 4. Wait for the soap to dry

Once you have achieved a satisfactory look and brow shape, wait for the brow soap to set. It takes about 1-2 minutes. Remember that regular glycerin soap takes a long time to set, while the modern gel-like brow soaps dry really fast!

  • STEP 5: Fill in your eyebrows and apply makeup if you wish

Your soap brow look is done, but if you want to camouflage the gaps, for example, you can fill in your eyebrows, using a brow pen, pomade, pencil, or even brow powder. Add some hair-like strokes or fill in the brows to emphasize them more strongly.
Congratulations! You have just created your first soap brows!

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