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Ways to Get Beautiful Eyelashes. How to Care for Them?

Our eyelashes deserve the best we can give them. Thanks to these tiny hairs, we can amaze with a beautiful look and defined, flawless makeup. Do you know anything about the right lash care routine?

There are lots of ways to bring the vitality of lashes back. There are as many factors which weaken the eyelashes. You aren’t even aware of some of them. Knowing the things that damage the tiny hairs, you are able to keep their condition from deteriorating. That’s the key info and first thing you must learn about the lash care.

What damages your eyelashes?

Mostly, you can blame beauty products – expired, not right for the needs, wrongly applied. Remember that a mascara also has an expiry date – after three months from the opening (unless the manufacturer says otherwise) its properties are poorer and it may harm the lashes. It’s the same in case of eyeshadows, eye creams and makeup removers. If they’re past by date or include harmful ingredients (alcohols, parabens, aluminum), your lashes may start falling out. Lash loss is also possible if you wear false lashes durably or use a curler. All beautifying treatments are good if you use them from time to time. On a daily basis, treat your lashes in a gentle way – no rubbing or pulling.


How to extend the life of your lashes? There are lots of ways to keep them healthy and define their natural beauty. Take a look at the most popular ones.

  • Eyelash oil treatment – castor oil has been always recommended for the lash care. Instead, feel free to use other oils e.g. coconut or almond. Usually, natural oils are high in vitamins and minerals, as well as valuable fatty acids. Applying oils to lashes is an easy way to nourish, strengthen and regenerate them.
  • Eyelash serum – the best way to repair your lashes and stimulate faster growth. Professional serums are rich in essential vitamins, plant extracts and substances for stimulating hair bulbs. A serum is applied once a day, preferably in the evening after taking makeup off. An easy use, a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula and intensive action are the biggest benefits. That is why a serum is the best way to have beautiful lashes.
  • Eyelash combing – a forgotten method which can be successfully used as an extra treatment. Combing lashes regularly – e.g. with a clean mascara wand – improves the blood flow and may promote the growth.
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