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Innovative Thermal Foam Strips For Hair Colouring: Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts

highlighting foam strips

Innovative Thermal Foam Strips For Hair Colouring: Highlighting Foam Strips by ColorCuts The Color Cuts brand has startled the hairdressing market with their innovative hair colouring strips – Highlighting Foam Strips. This gadget has brought a revolution to hair salons. Highlighting...


What style of eyebrows is the most fashionable? The ones coloured with Nanobrow Shape Mascara!

nanobrow shape mascara

Dreaming of brows such as Lily Collins’? She’s got expressive, thick eyebrows that everyone else is obsessed about. If you desire brows at least half as bushy but have no idea how to boost the volume of your own eyebrows – Nanobrow Shape Mascara will definitely come in handy! Nanobrow...

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Best Brow Gels – The Top-Rated 5 Products

top brow gel

Defining brows with a brow gel is a very popular method of brow styling nowadays. The perfect product gives your brows the desired shape and tames even the most unruly brows while adding the ultimate volume and camouflaging gaps. The effect of brushed-up brows has never been so easy to achieve! Which...



eyebrow serum ranking

The best brow serum is like a holy grail for anyone who wants to care for their brows properly, restore their beautiful look, and promote their growth. Which serum should you choose to grow your eyebrows quickly and enjoy your flawless arches, perfectly matched to your features? Our beauty ranking...