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LED Masks. What Are Skin Benefits of LED Light Therapy?

Celebrities have fallen for LED light facial masks. Anti-acne LED therapies are increasing in popularity. Fancy knowing the properties of LED light and its skin benefits? Read on. Hands down, there are lots of ways to fight acne and other kinds of skin conditions. Many people use the assistance of specialists...


8 ways for pampering oily skin

Oily skin is very demanding when it comes to taking care of it. It frequently features acne, blackheads and many other skin imperfections. Although it ages really slowly, it attracts bacteria that can cause serious dermatological problems. Therefore, if oily skin happens to be troublesome for you, learn...


Everything you need to know about detoxifying cosmetics

Detoxifying cosmetics are a counterbalance to pollution and smog that residents of larger cities must face on a daily basis. The heavy metals and dust in the air not only threaten our health but also damage our skin because they contribute to the formation of blemishes, blackheads and discolouration....


Evening Facial Skin Care Ritual

An evening skin care routine is extremely important because the skin regenerates best at night. That is why going to sleep with full make-up on has an awful influence on your face skin. To keep the skin healthy the longest possible, some rules must be followed. What should your evening facial skin care...


Common dandelion and its application in cosmetics

Common dandelion is a plant growing in the moderate climate region. It isn’t only used for medical purposes but also for hair and body care because it’s able to lighten discolorations up, is fairly helpful in treating acne and combating dandruff. What are other uses of common dandelion in...