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How to choose a foundation? Foundation types

Choosing as basic beauty product as a foundation is a pretty important thing. What should you consider when making this decision? How to choose a foundation? The choice should involve the following criteria: the type of skin and its needs, skin color, foundation’s properties. How to choose a foundation appropriate for your skin type and […]

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Facial oil. Which are the best ones and how to apply them?

A thick cream isn’t always the best solution. Today, we are more and more eager to replace it with a natural oil that appears to be lighter, more skin-friendly and seems to know how to answer needs of our complexion better. Which facial oils are worth your attention? Discover the power of oil care. The […]

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New hair care tip. PEH balance: proteins, emollients, humectants

Wise hair care requires maintaining the balance between the substances applied to strands daily. The most important are the ingredients that are added to shampoos, masks, conditioners and other beauty products designed to take care of strands. The very substances are proteins, emollients and humectants. How to apply them in the right way? PEH balance: […]

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Rough elbows and knees. The best ways to get them smoothed out

In most cases, roughness affects elbow and knee skin area. Regular creams don’t help much and skin tends to crack and flake off in the very body parts. Is there an effective way to soften elbow and knee skin effectively? Undoubtedly, body skin care requires adopting accurate methods and using beauty products that deal with […]

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Ingrown hair – causes & remedies

Ingrown hairs are a problem that affects many women who remove unwanted hairs. Although this treatment makes the skin smooth for a long time, the hairs start to grow back and some of them can’t rise up from the skin. What are the causes of ingrown hairs and how to prevent them? How do dermocosmetics […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing… How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

There isn’t just one cause of a double chin. The sources of this beauty flaw might be genetics, obesity, stooping and even wrong sleeping position. What are the remedies and procedures letting you get rid of a double chin? What do ultrasound lipolysis, laser lipolysis and needle-free mesotherapy involve? Double chin – causes A double chin is usually an […]

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Find out what your skin actually needs. How to care for sensitive skin?

Do you have sensitive skin? If yes, then go for minimalism. You’ll avoid redness, itching and spots. Remember that more than a half of women experience some problems with their complexion. Check how to take care of the skin that is prone to irritations. Today, the term ‘sensitive skin’ is often overused. Just a slight […]